Women Of Power

Our Programs

These are the programs available to our participants

Job Training

Consist of computer training and other job related tasks. Computer training consists of typing, Windows XP, the Internet, MS Office, Word, Excel, Access, and PowerPoint. Other job related tasks include Xeroxing, faxing, filing and phone manner. Training will prepare individuals to earn a Microsoft Office Specialist Certificate.

Job Readiness

Teaches the behaviors and techniques that are required for job retention. Training addresses regular attendance, punctuality, appropriate dress, adapting to supervision, employee rights and responsibilities and other similar topics.

Employment Acquisition

Provides resume preparation assistance, job interview training, and assist with securing paid employment opportunities that match their aptitude, qualifications, experiences and interests.

Job Counseling

Assists with the identification of barriers to employment and the development of strategies to overcome career and employment decisions and provides needed support to make an easier transition to a more self-sufficient life.


Assist individuals in meeting their family care needs during participation. Childcare ranges from daycare to after-school to weekend kids programs.

Life Problem Counseling

Provides treatment services, which may include emotional support, problem-solving assistance, information and guidance through a variety of counseling modalities, for individuals who are having difficulty in coping with a traumatic experience, personal relationship, or in making the adjustments that are required by their particular stage in life.

GED Preparation

Provides instructions in order to pass and receive a high school equivalency certificate. A H.S. Diploma or GED is needed in order to receive a WOP certificate.

Budgeting Counseling

Prevents further financial problems by providing instructions in the use of credit, budgeting and family money management.

Home Buying Counseling

Includes a step-by-step guide through the entire home buying process, mortgage terminology, and provide an overview of mortgage programs and services.

Specialized Training

Specialized Training are advanced training seminars and conferences. Trainings may consist of entrepreneurship, tax preparation, law, graphic design, nursing, etc. These trainings help individuals sample other career options.

Literacy Comprehension

Provide reading and writing instructions for individuals who are unable to read or write at a functional level.

Educational, Social, and Cultural Excursions

Sponsored excursions expose individuals to new places, people, and ways of life. Excursions may include outings to museums, plays, elegant restaurants, and golfing range.

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