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            OUR MISSION
Women Of  Power is a non-profit organization whose primary objective is to empower  individuals, who have the potential,  but not the opportunity,  with the necessary skills to achieve self-sufficiency.


Our vision is to serve humanity, spur economic growth, revitalize neighborhoods, and empower individuals, as well as their families, by improving their educational, cultural, and social well being. Through innovative programs, including career and educational development training, personal and budget counseling, and home ownership programs, our mission and vision will be accomplished.



  • We benefit the economy by providing highly qualified workers and more employment opportunities, through the creation of new businesses.
  • Provide family role models who work and are self-sufficient, so their children can in turn be self-sufficient.
  • Give people access to better opportutinities by preparing them with necessary skills and confidence to set them apart in today’s competitive job market. 


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